The 2018 Intensive

Back by popular demand: Focused workshops with Jordan & Tatiana!

Thursday and Friday (prior to the main event).

Session 1
Body Movement and Isolations
Its time to move our bodies! We will work on solo drills, as well as how body movement relates to all of these elements in our dance: Musicality, Footwork, Connection, Teamwork, Clear Leads, and having the Esthetic of a High Level Dancer.

Session 2
Choreographing the Perfect Social Dance
This seminar will cover all the items necessary to build a well-balanced dance. We will focus on swing content, teamwork, musicality, and how to avoid a pattern driven dance that doesnt allow opportunities for spontaneity.

1500 sek - approx 150 euros.

The intensive is open-levelled, which means that once you have your basics solid and are motivated to learn more at a fast pace, you are welcome to attend. Note, however, that this is NOT a beginners course and it will be mainly technique oriented - fundamental patterns will not be taught.

In our experience, participants get more out of the intensive format the more prior knowledge and experience they have. We are confident that Jordan and Tatiana will tailor the content so that advanced dancers benefit as much as newer ones.

If you already registered for a full pass and want to add the intensive, please email us at, stating your name and reg nr.
New registrations for full pass + intensive are made through the registration webpage.

Please note that in case of a large role imbalance, a separate waiting list will be created for the intensive. Registration in couples is preferred.