Welcome to SNOW registration page.

We are so happy you want to join us this year to celebrate our 10th anniversary! Here's just some quick information before you enter the registration form.

We want you to have the best time at our event and one way to do this is to balance the leaders and followers to the maximum. That means, if you register as a couple you will automatically be accepted to the event (as long as we still have tickets available). If you register without a partner we will accept your application as soon as someone with the opposite dance role has registered. Until then you will be put on a waiting list.

After you have registered to the event we need a few days to process the application. You will either receive a confirmation stating you have been accepted to the event or that you have been put on the waiting list. Registering through the form does not automatically guarantee you a spot at the event.

We have 200 tickets for the early bird price and when those are gone we have 300 tickets for the normal bird price. So prepare yourself and be ready to register when tickets are released to have a chance of getting an early bird ticket!

If you already know you will compete, you can pre-register for the competitions in your registration.
If you are registering with a partner, you will need this information for both leader and follower to be able to complete the registration for you both (make only one registration per couple):

Full name (of leader and follower)
Country of residence (of leader and follower)
City of residence (of leader and follower)
E-mail address (of leader and follower)
WSDC number (of leader and follower, if competing or registering for level 4 or 5)
Competing? (dance role and level)

When registering with a new partner, the field of SE Pers.no (last four digits)/Personnr (sista fyra siffrorna) is not mandatory. Leave it blank.

All Star - Free pass in exchange for judging assistance. Available to the first 10 registrations (5 leaders + 5 follows). Please write "Judging" in discount code field.